Euskabea in commercial mission to United States with the basque companies delegation of the energy sector

Basque companies of the energy sector have made a very positive assessment of the agenda for these days as they have had the opportunity to see first-hand the most important offshore wind projects foreseen on the East coast. In the next 15 years, around 25GW of power will be installed, which means a great mobilization of economic resources and infinite opportunities to access the US market.


The Basque Government is committed to constantly monitor and continue to work on business opportunities in the United States market, both through the Basque Country delegation in New York and the Washington commercial office through workshops, reverse missions, actions by networking, etc.


In addition, the companies have highly valued the moment in which the office was opened since, according to what they have pointed out, it is exceptional to be able to access the energy market in the USA in collaboration with companies already located in the country.


Jurdana Izagirre, director of the office, has been the host of the event that has brought together the delegation of the Basque Country, with the Basque companies that have traveled on this mission (Erreka, Euskabea, Ibermática, Idom, Nautilus, Ormazabal, Saitec, and ZIV) and those that are already installed in the United States such as Siemens Gamesa, Avangrid Renewables, Gestamp or Ibermatica USA. The session analyzed the characteristics of the market, the opportunities and the keys to the success of the companies.


During the day the counselor Arantxa Tapia has also held meetings with both the Department of Commerce and the Energy Department of the US government.


Business relationship between the Basque Country and the United States


The United States is the leading non-European destination for exports from the Basque Country. The main products exported to the USA regarding their economic value they are: oil, petroleum products, and related products; road vehicles; iron and steel; metal manufactures and industrial machinery and equipment.


In recent years, the number of exports has been increasing, with the exception of 2016, when it was reduced by 10.50%. In the last year up to the month of November, there was an increase of 7.14% compared to the entire 2017, so the increase is expected to be equal or greater than in 2017.


The country's priority sectors are renewable energy, the automotive sector, and biotechnology, due to their economic and strategic importance for the United States, their growth projection and their synergy with the Basque industry.


On the other hand, currently, more than 80 Basque companies are established in the USA and they have around 130 implantations (subsidiaries or delegations). Of these establishments, 58 are commercial, 38 productive, and 12 services. The main sectors represented are energy, automotive, machinery and metal products.


Washington, 7th march 2019