We offer global or partial electricity and control solutions, making our goals and challenges ours and adjusting to the needs of your organization. We integrate technologies and products for companies like yours.

We are backed by 40 years of experience and hundreds of references in projects of international relevance with first-class clients and recognized prestige, regardless of the size of your projects, whether large or small.

We care about being there whenever you need us, anytime, anywhere, as road partners, part of your project team, flexibly adapted to the services, budgets and levels of demand required in your projects.

We want to be a leading reference in the integration of global electricity solutions, both in low, medium and high voltage, as well as in automation and control, being able to offer flexible engineering, manufacturing, electrical panels, assembly, installation and maintenance services in all the divisions of our company.

We are your ally in maintenance 4.0.

We improve day by day to face new challenges and to offer our partners on the road global solutions at the international level. Likewise, our collaborative vision will allow us to tackle projects of any size through Joint Ventures with trusted business partners, leaders in their market segment.

Euskabea has significant experience in all kinds of global electricity solutions, which we integrate flexibly to satisfy and adapt to any type of need in the value chain of our partners on the road worldwide.