Euskabea Group transforms its industrial processes to double sales

Euskabea faces the transformation of its industrial processes with a plan for 2022 whose main axes will be the modernization of facilities and productive means, the optimization of processes, and the adaptation of the organizational structure to a new corporate culture that guarantees transversality in the execution of the Projects.

This strategy includes the development of actions to diversify products and markets, the implementation of R&D plans and expansion in Latin America.

To address these objectives, Euskabea has invested three million euros in the purchase of new 2,500 m2 facilities in Andoain, which almost double the previous ones, and which have been equipped with a new eight-ton crane, tooling and specific machinery for cutting of wiring of different gauges, which opens up the opportunity to manufacture serial electrical panels.

In addition, another cable cutting and marking and crimping machine added last week will improve the efficiency of your solutions. The new warehouse has an additional 2,000 m2 that can be used as a wild card in the development of specific projects that require other dimensioning, mainly in the manufacture of series frames.

In order to promote a new corporate culture, the managers of Euskabea have chosen to double talent, surpassing a hundred professionals who have structured themselves through projects.

In the field of internationalization, Euskabea is currently developing a complex project for the "Escuela de Minas" Hydroelectric Power Plant, in Medellín, whose completion is expected in October. This work will drive them to continue their expansion in Latin America, where other projects have emerged, currently in the analysis phase.

In addition, they plan to provide Euskabea Colombia with greater financial and human resources, as well as developing the original offshore wind power division. Also in Europe, they focus on various retrofitting projects, renovation of hydro installations and frame manufacturing in France.