Commitment to labour, social and environmental protection obligations.

How we work

EUSKABEA is committed to processing management, based on an EFQM philosophy that pursues excellence, obtaining results in ALL stakeholders: clients, suppliers, people in the organization and shareholders.


Euskabea WORKS and improves internal efficiency through technological bets that improve its processes with advanced tools for productivity: ERP management system, its own intranet for project and facility management and control, 3D representation systems (eplan pro panel, ETAP , SOLID), LEAN manufacturing of switchboards, investments in machinery for cable marking and crimping (KOMAX 650), our own platform for predictive maintenance 4.0 Sattins ...

All this configures an ecosystem of work based on transparency and collective learning; that is, knowledge management.

Euskabea Group complies with all legal, regulatory and conventional provisions in force and that are applicable in labor, social security, occupational health and safety and environmental protection matters.

The working conditions applied to the Euskabea workforce are those established by the last sectorial collective agreement of the lowest level existing in the sector and business activity in which we fit.

In the event of subcontracting, the subcontractor company must also comply with the provisions of this point. In this sense, Euskabea checks, prior to the start of the subcontracted activity, the affiliation and registration in the social security of the workers of the companies with which it subcontracts.