We want to contribute to building a more aware society with climate change.

We want to grow in the company of other companies.

Our commitment to renewable energy and energy efficiency is unstoppable, implementing corporate social responsibility policies.

Strategy and values



  • Entrepreneurial and vocational spirit of service focused on providing significant added value to projects, working under a set of professional values ​​and complicity with the client in the environment, health, safety, equality and excellence.
  • Strong culture of solid alliances, of trust and transparency, considering customers and suppliers as long-term partners.
  • Individual and collective responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit of our employees, thanks to a flexible and modern organization; and the creation of an intrapreneurship framework that enables talent to be strengthened and incentivized.
  • Personal and collective growth with a focus on results.
  • Vocation for innovation and technological integration, while maintaining excellence in quality, safety, occupational health, equal opportunities and environmental awareness.
  • Commitment to the continuous improvement of our products and services, pursuing excellence.
  • Commitment to compliance with labor and social obligations.
  • Corporate commitment to equality between women and men.
  • Commitment to the environment and environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Euskabea Group acquires a voluntary commitment in its strategy, policies and procedures, with environmental, social, ethical, good governance, trust and transparency aspects, responding at all times to the consequences derived from its actions.